Reservations are final after payment.

How we work? 

When you book a training per horse

  • You have 30 minutes in the course per horse you book.
  • The system registrates the start and end time of your total arena booking.
  • If you think a half hour per horse is to short in time range we advise to book an extra half hour to enlarge the training time.
  • Warm up your horse can be done in our warming up arena.
  • When you book a training per horse in our reservation system , it can be possible that there are more riders in the arena.

When you book a PRIVATE TRAINING 

  • You can choose between several time arrangements.
  • With this private training you have the arena to yourself for the time you have booked that day.

Our house rules are at the bottom of this page.

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For further questions you can contact us