Reservations are final after payment.

How we work? 

When you book a training (not privatly) you have 30 minutes time in the course to train with each horse you book. The system registrates your start end finish time. Of course it could be possible that you find this time to short and you need more time. Then we advise you to book an extra horse (30 minutes) for more time with your reservation so in that way you enlarge your training time. 

When you book a training by horse in our reservation system , it is possible that you share the track with other rider(s)

If you want to rent the arena privatly , that is also possible! Then you choose private training in our system.  Then you know for sure that the arena is all yours for your reservated hour(s)

To use our facility during COVID-19 you must become member of our accomodation before you make your reservation. For riders who already are (basic)member by the KNHS the membership is for free. When you are not a member from the KNHS the membership costs  €25,75 each year.  You can send your membership details to

Our house rules can be found at the bottom of this page.

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When you agree with our terms then we gladly welcome you at our facility. 

For further questions you can contact us